What are Pureness Baby wipes?

Pureness Baby wipes are pure wipes made from 99.9% purified water. Our soft, embossed wipes have a high moisture content and are suitable for sensitive and newborn skin.

Where can I buy Pureness Baby Wipes?

Pureness Baby is conveniently available from Chemist Warehouse (online only) and Baby Bunting.

Are Pureness Baby wipes suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes! Pureness Baby wipes are dermatologically tested and approved to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

What are the ingredients in your wipes?

Our Pureness Baby wipes are made from 99.9% purified water, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Sodium Benzoate which is a food-grade preservative.

Are Pureness Baby wipes biodegradable?

Yes! Our plant-based wipes are made from 70% FSC-certified wood pulp and 30% viscose meaning they are 100% biodegradable.

Are Pureness Baby wipes fragrance free?

Yes, they are made without the use of fragrance, soap, parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Are Pureness Baby wipes flushable?

No, wipes should not be flushed as they can cause blockages in the sewage system. We do not recommend flushing our wipes.

Where are your wipes made?

Our wipes are made in People’s Republic of China (PRC) at a world-class manufacturing site. The products have been independently-tested to ensure they are – and remain always at – the highest quality.

Can I use Pureness Baby wipes if my baby has a nappy rash?

Yes, they are pure and safe to use even when your baby has a nappy rash.

Can I use Pureness Baby wipes on my baby’s face?

Yes, our wipes contain 99.9% water, making them safe to use on the face and other sensitive areas.

Are Pureness Baby wipes cruelty free?

Pureness Baby wipes have not been tested on animals and we do not use ingredients derived from animals either.

How does the subscription service work?

Think of it as other parents having your back! Signing up to our subscription service guarantees you will receive a 12-pack carton of Pureness Baby wipes at your door regularly. Not only is this convenient for even the most sleep-deprived parents, it also locks in a 15% discount on each and every pack. Rest assured, knowing you’ve got just what you need to take care of life’s little messes.

Why do Pureness Baby Wipes tear more easily?

Pureness Baby wipes are made using natural ingredients (70% FSC certified wood pulp and viscose) so that they break down easily. This can make them appear a little fragile, but don't worry, they're still up to the job. They just require a little more gentle and loving care.

Find the edge of the wipe when pulling it out of the packet to prevent tearing or pulling out more than one wipe at a time.